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Mission Statement

Big Sister Program
The primary function of the Mobridge-Pollock Public School System is to promote the well-rounded and continuous growth of its youth into effective citizens in a democratic society.  To attain this goal the school shall endeavor to provide a suitable environment for helpful guidance, training, and experiences which will assist each student to become better adjusted in his/her family, social, and business relationships, concerned for his/her own welfare and the welfare of others, open-minded on controversial issues, trained in work habits, skills, and logical reasoning, and prepared for profitable and gratifying use of leisure time.  Furthermore, the school shall endeavor to provide for the physical and moral well-being of each student.  Finally, the school shall cooperate with the home, church, and other community forces to build the educative experience of its youth.

Recent News

Free School Breakfast and Lunch for K-12 Students

Mobridge-Pollock School's application for free school breakfast and lunch has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The school district will provide free breakfast and lunch for all students enrolled in the district.

Flu Shots on October 7th

If you would like your child to receive a free flu shot, please complete the Seasonal Influenza Consent Form and return to the school by Monday, October 5th. Face masks are REQUIRED to enter the Point of Dispensing (MS Theater).

Homecoming Week - High School

Please view the listing of the events planned at the high school. Please note that special guidelines have been put in place to eliminate co-mingling of grade levels and to promote social distancing during these events.
Homecoming Week

Self-Monitoring, Quarantine, and Close Contacts

The information provided offers guidance in self-monitoring of symptoms, monitoring of a student who is quarantined as a close contact, and taking care of a family member who has tested positive for COVID -19.

Symptoms Screening Checklist

Symptom screening of all students and school employees is absolutely necessary in keeping students, school employees and our communities safe. Please use the attached document each morning as your symptom screening checklist.
Symptoms Screening Checklist

Registrations and Orientation

Please view the information in this story to find out when registration and orientation is for your child. Please follow social distancing guideline and please wear a face mask when attending all events hosted by the Mobridge-Pollock School District.

Summer Food Service Program

Sack meals to be provided at Mobridge-Pollock High School starting on June 1st. The program will run Monday-Thursday from 11:30 - 1:00 p.m.
Lunch Program

HS Student Information

High School students please read the information on returning school materials back to school.