Return to School Plan

Message from Superintendent Tim Frederick

The school year is fast approaching. The July 4th break always signifies school is right around the corner as we try to finish up summer projects and plan trips with our families. I am sure this summer has been a challenge for all of you as we all continue to adapt to living with COVID -19.
We understand that many of you may have concerns with the start of the school year. Please know that we have been developing plans based on the latest information from the SD Department of Health, CDC, SD Department of Education, local health care professionals, and all other relevant research to form a "back to school" plan. We have created working committees at the school, addressing different scenarios in delivering instruction while always maintaining a healthy and safe school climate. The working committees include teachers, administrators, parents, and advisory groups.
The information provided by you, as parents, in completing surveys has been incredibly valuable for the school. We are working towards developing one LMS (Learning Management System) for grades K-12 while developing clarity of the expectations we will have for all students and educators.
As the work groups continue to meet, one of the most significant challenges we face might be when we, as a school or a school district, feel the need to shift to a hybrid education model to address social distancing. This plan may be necessary to reduce the student population by half, creating a safer environment for students and staff members. The hybrid model would have students coming to school half the time and then doing on-line learning from home. This model is not ideal as we realize it will create issues with parents working, daycare, and transportation.
We will continue to work on plans that will allow us to start school on time in August. We are excited about the ideas we are developing to address the following topics and challenges:
Social Distancing and Minimizing Exposure in school
Maintaining Health and Hygiene
Managing and Maintaining Student and Staff Well-Being
Cafeteria Guidelines
Clean, Sanitize, and Ventilate
I am looking forward to working with all of you as we continue to learn how to educate all children. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional thoughts or ideas for the school to consider. We all realize the solutions we develop will have challenges. Together, we believe we will be able to offer students an educational experience that will engage every student in learning.
Thank you,
Tim Frederick
Mobridge-Pollock Schools
Source: CDC and Mobridge Regional Hospital