Mobridge Annual Area Art Show


“Lake Geneva”

From my recent trip to Europe comes this watercolor of Lake Geneva and the Chillon Castle located in Switzerland. I’ve started a series of major places I visited, and this is one of them. When one sees a watercolor painting they think of transparency, but I used thick watercolor to paint this because, unlike acrylic paint, watercolor can be picked up with water and moved on a canvas. It was a beautiful scene and I believe this painting captures the vibrancy of colors seen that day.

“Eiffel’s Tower”

I have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower in person, but that’s only because it’s located in Paris. I love traveling but haven’t gone too far from home until I got to take a trip to Europe this past summer with the Midwest Ambassadors of Music. It was a trip that won’t be forgotten, especially having photos to remember it by. I painted this acrylic picture to make it more personal than a picture I took on my camera. I’m reminded that I went to Paris and it gives me hope that I may travel there again. This painting was also for my sister so I added purple peonies to match her favorite color.

 “His Story”


One day I plan to paint and draw people and objects hyper realistically. I’ve been working at that goal by finding detailed objects to capture in my artworks. This old man tells a story through his wrinkles and aging spots and made a great subject to practice my skills. This drawing was done with graphite and took about 19 hours to complete. Though cameras were made, and portrait painting became less of an interest, I think there’s more of a story put behind a painting that took hours to complete than a photo that was snapped in a few seconds. Until I can get my art to make people double take at the medium I will continue to add more and more to my skill level.